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NISTEP processes registrant's career information in a statistical way to acquire the data on education and training in their Ph.D. program, work experience, and career development after their graduation. NISTEP analyzes the data, combined with the awareness survey conducted on JGRAD as necessary, to understand the current situation of doctoral human resources in society.

Member universities can access the personal information of students belonging to each member university. Member university can also utilize the JGRAD data to understand the career path of alumni of their university, as well as one of the sources of information to look up personal information (eg: contact address, company) of the alumni.


It’s important for students in a Ph.D. course to understand various the career paths. From this point of view, JGRAD starts to offer information about careers and job information on JGRAD webpages to support Ph.D. students and post-docs to think their future job.

In cooperation with the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) 's JREC-IN Portal, the latest job posting information matched to the registrant's special field is distributed on each registrant's JGRAD account.

We have launched "Role Model Portal Site" page in JGRAD. The site is one stop center for career contents of Ph.D. holders collecting the range of topics that doctoral human resources would be interested in.