How to register JGRAD?

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As of April 2023, the target of registration in Japan Graduate Database (JGRAD) is people who entered (later) doctoral courses at universities in Japan after April 2014. People who have already completed or dropped out of a doctoral course are also eligible for registration in JGRAD if they entered the course in 2014 or later. In the case of five-year integrated doctoral programs, people are considered to be enrolled in a later doctoral course when they advance to the 3rd year, and can apply for JGRAD registration.

Individuals who have enrolled in, completed, or dropped out of a doctoral course at a university listed in the list of member universities can submit a new application for registration on JGRAD at any time.


On the other hand, if your university is not on the list of member universities, you cannot apply for registration at any time. Even if you belong/belonged a non-member university of JGRAD, you may be notified of your JGRAD account information if you agree to register with JGRAD after completing the survey for doctoral students conducted by the MEXT or NISTEP via the university office. NISTEP asked about JGRAD-ID issuance to survey targets who responded to the "Academic Year 2022 Survey on Situation of Financial Assistance to Doctoral Students" or "Academic Year 2022 Survey on Career Awareness and Financial Assistance to 1st year of Doctoral Students" conducted in the winter of FY2022. NISTEP issued JGRAD-ID if respondents agreed to register with JGRAD after completing the survey. In the future, NISTEP plans to conduct a web survey for first-year doctoral students in the winter of each year, and ask them to consent to JGRAD registration after answering the survey.