Q1: I cannot login to Doctoral Human Resources Database(JGRAD).

A1: This may happen in the following 5 cases. Please refer to the solutions provided below.

1) The JGRAD’s URL is incorrect.

The URL of JGRAD is https://hr.nistep.go.jp/. Enter this URL directly or access from the link in this page.

2) At login authentication, you did not check <Login by ID>.

At login authentication (the second authentication from <Login> on the upper left corner of the top page), enter the ID and password that were sent to you and check <Login by ID> before clicking <Login>.

If you register your E-mail address at JGRAD, you can use the E-mail address to login from the next login.

3) Entry error of “1 I l” and/or “O 0”.

If you have received the password on paper, please make sure you do not confuse the following letters.


1 (numeric character: ONE)

I (capital letter: I)

l (lowercase letter: l)

O (capital letter: O)

0 (numeric character: ZERO)

i (lowercase letter: i)

j (lowercase letter: j)   etc...


4) (After the second time login), you did not enter the password that you set at the time of the first login.

The password of Login Authentication is changed by each user at the time of the first login.

After the second time login, you should use the password that you have set.

If you can not find a solution from the above cases, please check your spam folder or contact  jgrad-info(at)hr2.nistep.go.jp.

 *Replace (at) with @.


Q2: I tried to get my password reissued through “Forgot your Password” but failed.

A2: If you have not registered your email address to JGRAD, you cannot reissuethe password by yourself.

  In this case, please contact  jgrad-info(at)hr2.nistep.go.jp.   *Replace (at) with @.


Q3: I tried to activate my account but I did not receive the notification email.

A3: The notification email was either placed in the spam folder or rejected by the mail server.

  Please try again using another email address.

  If you still do not receive the notification, please contact  jgrad-info(at)hr2.nistep.go.jp.   *Replace (at) with @.


Q4: After login to JGRAD, I have no idea how to display the entry screen?

A4: Click <Edit> at the top of <My Portal> displayed on the screen after login.

  If <My Portal> is not displayed, please display it by clicking <My Portal> in the left menu.


Q5: When should I make entry in JGRAD?

A5: For <Basic Information>, please enter the necessary information after you have received your ID and password and logged in for the first time.

  For <Educational background> and <Work Experience>, please enter the necessary information when you complete or withdraw from the doctoral program.


Q6: What should I do if I want to change the email address registered to JGRAD.

A6: Login to JGRAD, go to <My Portal> edit screen, and update <E-mail address>.