What is JGRAD?

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Japan Graduates Database (JGRAD) is the national database for collecting career information on doctoral human resources who have studied in the Ph.D. program in Japan. The aim of JGRAD is providing data on the education and training in their Ph.D. program as well as work experience and career development after graduation. NISTEP analyzes these data to understand the current situation of doctoral human resources in society and to identify problems to improve university’s programs and national policy.

JGRAD is operated by National Institute of Science and Technology policy (NISTEP) in cooperation with universities that have agreed to register personal information of doctoral students. As of April 2022, 52 universities are currently members of JGRAD.

After initial registration by universities, each registrant is given their own JGRAD ID and password which will allow them to access their own account and can update he/her personal details (work experience, study experience, and contact address, etc...) on their own.

To promote registrantion or update their personal information on JGRAD after graduation, NISTEP provides career information on the JGRAD by collaborating other services.

NISTEP shall collect, treat, and use the registered personal information in accordance with the "Handling of personal information in Japan Graduates Database (JGRAD)".