System Migration Schedule of JGRAD in September 2021

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System Migration Schedule of JGRAD


NISTEP will migrate to the new JGRAD web system in September 2021 according to the following schedule.

[System Shutdown Period: from September 21 (Tue) noon to September 27 (Mon) noon]
 During the shutdown period, JGRAD website for registered users ( ) isn't available.
 Public JGRAD website ( ) and support e-mail address are available.

[Publication of New JGRAD: from September 27 (Mon) noon]
The new JGRAD for registered users will be published to the same URL ( ).
   If you have registered your e-mail address in JGRAD, NISTEP will send you an e-mail with instructions on how to log-in to the new JGRAD.
 (The instruction e-mail will be sent to both main and sub address in JGRAD.)
   Registrants have to make new passwords through the main email address registered in the current JGRAD.
 (Since the current JGRAD passwords cannot be carried over to the new system, Every user has to make new password.)
   In new JGRAD web system, the common Basic Authentication for all users will be abolished.

After the release of the new JGRAD, please contact to the support e-mail address in the case of non-registers of e-mail address or unavailable registered e-mail.
NISTEP will send an e-mail with initial login ID after identity confirmation by current JGRAD ID or student ID.
If a JGRAD user who haven't registered e-mail address in the current JGRAD, NISTEP recommends registering e-mail address in the current JGRAD for smooth migration.