About the handling of loop state in the activation process.

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Dear Registered Members of JGRAD

Thank you for joining to JGRAD. 


You will need to complete the activation process for the Doctor Database when logging in for the first time.

However, we got some report becoming the loop state at the time of Activation processing. 


The Edge of Windows10 may not succeed in activation process.

Please try it in Internet Explorer or Chrome or FireFox if you use Edge. 

In addition, we got a report that Chrome plug-in (expanded function)

may block processing.


If you use Chrome, please try whether you can operate it by

"Private Browsing"that all the expanded function can start

in an inefficiency



Nonetheless, when activation process is not possible,

Please send "Doctoral ID and your mail address to register from "Contact Us"

We perform activation process using temporary information on behalf of you.

We will let you know when the process is completed.
*Your ID and password are unchanged. 

After login, Please make corrections on

"A.Basic information" and "B. Information during doctoral course"

if necessary.


Thank you for your cooperation. 

JGRAD Support Team